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We personalize your home

At Ferruz Studio, we are experts in interior design and our years of experience in the sector endorse us. In fact, one of our many services is home interior design. If you are thinking of completely changing the appearance and functionality of your house, flat, attic, chalet or duplex, there is nothing better than a home interior design studio like ours.

No matter what type of home you have, our team of professionals will adapt perfectly to its characteristics. In fact, we can take care of your needs, regardless of the stage of development of the project. 

We manage to perfectly combine beauty and harmony with the functionality and practicality that a home requires for everyday life. Our motto is clear: we want to make your house a home. Likewise, the service we offer you is comprehensive, accompanying, guiding and advising you from the very first minute. 

All you have to do is tell us all your ideas and proposals, and we will make them come true. It’s as easy as that. Furthermore, we will work hand in hand to make you part of the project, as we understand that the best way to achieve successful results is by working together. We want to be the ideal interior design studio in Barcelona for you. 


especialistas en interiorismo y diseño de interiores
especialistas en interiorismo y diseño de interiores

Professionals in home interior design in Barcelona

In addition to Ferruz Studio’s experience and long history in the sector, none of this would be possible without the multidisciplinary team that forms part of our staff. We have the best professionals in interior design, architecture, communication and visual merchandising, who will understand from the very first moment what you are looking for, to offer you totally personalized and tailor-made solutions. 

We adapt your home to your requirements and needs so that you can achieve a space of tranquillity, comfort and relaxation. Because we know that there is nothing more important than helping our customers feel at home.

Home interior design services

The first thing we do when we start a project is to find out what our clients’ needs, requirements and desires are, talking face to face to establish a relationship and connection. Logically, we will need to know what the desired home is, so that we can analyse it in detail and see where we are starting from.

After this preliminary research stage, we will be able to enter into the different stages of project development:

  • Strategic definition of the design: we will detail precisely what the aesthetic, functional and technological requirements are.
  • Space planning: then, the development of a functional design will be carried out.
  • Concept design: we reach the phase of inspiration behind the project, its appearance. This includes finishes, colours and lighting.
  • Detailed, fast and flexible design: in this last stage the design is refined and plans, estimates and construction specifications are created.

We also offer retail or commercial interior design, architecture, home staging and much more.

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Why choose Ferruz Studio for the interior design of your home?

At Ferruz Studio we believe in what we do, and this is vital to achieve the desired results. We have the necessary expertise to understand the needs of each project and offer personalized and tailor-made solutions. Our clients are our priority, so we will establish a relationship where you can feel comfortable, calm and, above all, confident that you are trusting the right interior design studio.