Home Staging is the most effective real estate marketing technique to support the sale and rental of properties and facilitate the negotiation in the best conditions.

The service of Ferruz Studio Home Staging in Barcelona aims to significantly reduce sales times, presenting the spaces of a property in the best possible way, thanks to a series of focused actions capable of expanding the communicative and emotional range without affecting the price, capable of enhancing the qualities of a property for its reference market.

What does home staging in Barcelona consist of?

One of our home stagers from Ferruz Studio in Barcelona, specialists in the sector, will make an initial visit to analyse and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the property, the furniture and the colours, determine the reference target – the potential buyer – from which they will draw up a project proposal with times and costs.

The aim is to extend the communicative and emotional range of the rooms of a property, creating harmonious, orderly and rational environments through the correct placement of furniture and the balance of colours to communicate the value of the property, in order to create an emotional response in the potential buyer and facilitate the sales process.

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Who needs the services of Home Staging?

  • INDIVIDUALS and INVESTORS: who wish to optimise sales times, limiting price negotiations. The best results are obtained when the Home Staging service anticipates the sales actions.
  • REAL ESTATE AGENCIES: who want to differentiate themselves by improving their service and taking care of their clients by offering a highly professional service.
  • CONSTRUCTION BUILDERS: who choose to offer flats for sale, enhancing their work in terms of value and quality.
  • MICRO-LOCATION: this is a short-term rental formula. Intervening with Home Staging techniques means enhancing the environments to make the most functional spaces attractive and comfortable and offer guests a welcoming feeling.
  • HOTELS: Home Staging is a valid aid to improve the appearance of an activity; it offers the possibility of increasing the equipment of an accommodation, enhancing its personality, without structural interventions, in a short time and with a controlled investment.

What home staging services are available?

HOME STAGING for furnished houses

At Ferruz Studio in Barcelona we look at the house through the eyes of a potential buyer. Our services intervene so that the environments are neutral, helping those who visit the house to perceive the space, the dimensions and the possibility of living in it with their own furniture, creating the right atmosphere to excite.

HOME STAGING for empty houses

Complete service with assembly and temporary rental of furniture and complements for a correct presentation of the property on the market. Necessary to create the right atmosphere in the viewer, acting on the emotion of “making them feel at home”.

HOME STAGING for real estate

Service dedicated to Real Estate Agents, Builders and Investors who wish to differentiate themselves from their competitors, increase their visibility and improve their agency’s services. Concrete help aimed at increasing profitability by reducing sales times.

HOME STAGING for the hotel industry

Improving the image of a tourist rental property or accommodation is a valid contribution to make it stand out on the web. Our Interior Design services and Home Staging services will help travelers looking for the best style and atmosphere for their holidays to choose you.

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Home Staging rates in Barcelona

When a house is liked at first sight, it increases its sales potential in the shortest possible time and also reduces the time it remains on the market, which allows us to recover, almost immediately, the investment of the Home Staging costs. Each intervention is customised according to the home we study and depending on the environments that need to be set up.

At Ferruz Studio we try to make the most of what is already available in the interior with imagination and originality: a good home stager stands out for the ability to achieve the best objective in terms of quality and cost.

If you think about it, the total investment is particularly low compared to the considerable costs that must be faced over time because of a property that remains on the real estate market for too long.