Interior design studio in the Baix Empordà

The Baix Empordà area in Girona is an ideal place to live in, as it is a Mediterranean region with an ideal temperature all year round, with hot summers and mild winters. If you want to carry out an interior design project in your house in Baix Empordà and you are looking for an interior design studio, don’t worry any more! At Ferruz Studio we are here to help you make your dreams come true.

We have been in the sector for more than 40 years and have carried out interior design projects in Costa Brava, S’Agaró and Andorra, among other places. Our extensive experience positions us as a benchmark studio in the interior design of luxury homes, although that is not the only thing we do. We also offer refurbishment and design of public places, such as offices or hotels.

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Interior design specialists in Baix Empordà

At Ferruz Studio we carry out interior design, architecture and decoration projects, always taking into account the needs and personality of each of our clients. Our mission is to offer a unique service that combines aesthetics and functionality. We work with the best suppliers of materials and we want our work to reflect the philosophy of the studio: we make contemporary and artistic designs with high quality Italian brands

We offer advice on every project, whether private or public. Our team of designers will be delighted to help you carry out the interior design project you want, whether in Baix Empordà or on another continent.

How do we work at Ferruz Studio?

At Ferruz Studio we offer a personalized, luxury service. We work under the principle that a good interior design is one that combines beauty and functionality. Therefore, all our projects are designed to offer maximum practicality without neglecting aesthetics. In order to personalize an environment, we divide our work into three phases: contact, concept and development.

The first phase is the first contact we have with our clients. At that moment, we focus on carrying out a previous and exhaustive research on their tastes, needs and priorities, as our aim is to fulfill all their expectations to the maximum, following the highest quality standards and choosing the best materials.

Next, we enter the concept phase, where we define what the project is going to consist of: colour ranges, types of art, lighting… The project is given a conceptual form, taking into account all the information gathered in the previous phase.

Finally, once we have an agreed idea with the client, the development of the executive project is carried out, with the final measurements and the quality report. Before starting the works, the client must give his final approval. If not, the project does not start, as the priority of Ferruz Studio is to turn the house into a personalized and ideal home. The client’s opinion is the most important thing. If the client approves the project, the works start.

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Frequently asked questions about interior design in Baix Empordà

What kind of interior design and decoration projects are carried out in Baix Empordà?

At Ferruz Studio we carry out both new projects and refurbishments, transforming and designing all types of rooms. We have worked in private homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, hairdressing salons… Any type of business or home can have its own essence and it is important to know how to reflect it in the furniture! 

We are based in Barcelona, but we have worked in areas all over Catalonia and Spain. We also have a presence around the world, including France, Switzerland and Mexico, among many other places.

What is the estimated time needed to complete an interior design project in Baix Empordà?

Calculating the estimated time needed to complete an interior design project in Baix Empordà is complicated, as it will always depend on the design that has been agreed with the client and the client’s requirements and needs. It is not the same to carry out a complete renovation as to redecorate a room and, to make a time estimate, it is necessary to take into account even the smallest detail. However, at Ferruz Studio we are committed to working as quickly as possible, efficiently and effectively, without neglecting professionalism and quality.

If you want to carry out an interior design project in Baix Empordà, contact us. We will answer all your questions and will be able to give you an estimated deadline once we have all the necessary information. It must be taken into account that, generally, until the second phase of the project we will not be able to be precise with the times, since it is necessary to have all the details tied up before making a precise valuation.