Interior design in apartments

We all know the illusion that makes us the day we acquire our first apartment, because that does not happen every day. However, that illusion is usually accompanied by the rush to have a final result, and that rush can become your worst ally. Dedicating time and desire is the most important factor if you want to achieve your goal successfully, and that is what we do best in Ferruz Studio. Discover all the keys in our interior design studio in Barcelona.

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Our work philosophy

In Ferruz Studio we are clear about our work philosophy: we want every job we do to be fully customized and tailored to the needs of our customers, and therefore we take into account all the details to touch perfection.

All our projects go through three fundamental phases: the contact phase, the concept phase and the development phase.

Contact phase

The contact phase is all about establishing a first contact with the client. It is very important for us to maintain a good relationship with all our customers, especially to know their preferences and adapt to their needs. 

At this stage it is essential to be receptive so that everything the client tells us we keep in mind and treat it with affection to ensure that the project is flawless. It is also important to be observant and gather as much information as possible about the space we will be working on. We must make a deep data collection and analysis to visualize the final result, always according to the client’s considerations.

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Concept and presentation phase

Once we know our client, we have a clear idea and we have collected all the necessary data, it is time to create the concept and present it. Logically, it is an initial concept that will be modified throughout the project as many times as necessary to achieve the best result.

In this phase, we develop an initial idea from everything we know and have, and although it is an approximation, we always include all the elements to make it easier for the client to visualize the final result, such as furniture, textures and colors.

Development phase

The last phase consists of carrying out the project. This means that the client has accepted our previously presented proposal, with all the modifications already included. Therefore, we will get down to work so that the project of your dreams finally becomes a reality. For this we have a team of highly experienced interior designers who work from the first moment in the contact phase, transforming the initial concept into the expected result.

The Ferruz Studio team

We have a long history and experience in different interior design projects, so we have acquired the knowledge and the necessary keys to make the decoration of our apartments ideal.

Here are the most important key points to take into account:

  • Space analysis: this is undoubtedly the most important point of all. The available space can determine the color of the decoration, the textiles to be used and, above all, the quantity and dimensions of the furniture.
  • The color of the walls: although it is a totally free choice, since there are colors for every taste, the truth is that there are some colors more suitable than others. In Ferruz Studio we recommend light colors, such as white as the first choice for its high retention of sunlight, in addition to giving a much greater sense of space.
  • Define a style: all the projects we carry out follow the same style, since we try to achieve a harmonious and pleasing result to the eye. Again, in the end we will always prioritize your tastes and preferences, although we recommend you to choose a balanced decorative style, that is, that all the elements are similar in terms of design.
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