Interior design studio in Barcelona

The design and interior design of a home or commercial premises starts from scratch, from the project or the construction of the raw space, until the maximum result is achieved in the definition of the spaces.

Are you from Barcelona and need professional and qualified support to make your decoration ideas a reality? Have you just bought a property in the Barcelona area and are looking for a team of interior decorators who can give you all the help you need? Would you like to hire the best creatives for your commercial premises, but don’t know who to turn to? Ferruz Studio is the ideal Barcelona interior design studio for you.

Diseño oficinas rústicas

How we work at Ferruz Studio

Each of our works at Ferruz Studio starts from a careful planning developed not only from an aesthetic point of view but also taking into account the client’s lifestyle and needs, which will undoubtedly vary depending on several factors such as the type of family unit (single, young couple, elderly couple, family with children), use of the property (rental, holiday home, main residence, commercial premises).

In addition, our interior design service in Barcelona helps to redistribute spaces in an appropriate way, to choose the finishes of the coverings and colours in combination with the furniture. After an initial introductory meeting with our interior decorators, in which the client freely expresses their considerations and preferences, an interior design study begins, which takes the form of an interior layout project and a subsequent high-definition rendering of the visual scenario. Finally, the study of the project and interior design by our team is finally perfected with the technical studies carried out during the work.

The formula for our success

Phase 1. Consultancy

No project begins without first examining the client’s real needs. That is why we organize a meeting in which the objective is to get to know our clients’ needs in depth and to propose possible solutions.

Phase 2. Inspection

Our team will inspect the current state to determine the size and condition of the property or commercial premises.

Phase 3. Project

This is the most important, delicate and creative phase of our work. We put our ideas into play to find practical and original solutions according to the client’s needs.

Phase 4. Estimate cost and time

Once the final project has been identified, we draw up an economic evaluation of the entire intervention with the corresponding execution times.

Phase 5. Choice of materials

After selecting the materials to be used to carry out the project (coverings, flooring, colours, etc.) and having obtained authorisation, the work begins.

Phase 6. Management and completion of works

In this last phase, all our efforts are aimed at faithfully reproducing the project down to the smallest detail and solving any critical problems that may arise during the construction phase. Once the work is completed, we are ready to hand over to the client their new home or commercial space.

Diseño oficinas rústicas

The fundamental pillars of Ferruz Studio


We are a team of competent and passionate professionals. But above all we are people who believe in empathy.


Furniture and design are in our DNA.


Trusting someone to decorate your home is like handing them the keys. For this reason, trust is the most important thing.


Curiosity pushes us beyond the boundaries of design, on a path that creates connections with everything around us.


We select products that are well designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and sustainability, destined to last over time.


We like to think of Ferruz Studio as a complete universe where it is possible to find everything: product and service.

The ideal interior design studio in Barcelona for you

At Ferruz Studio we are convinced that the satisfaction of our clients is the most important element of our work. Respect for deadlines, clarity in budgets, the constant presence and support of our team throughout the duration of the work are for us the most solid foundations for excellence.

All our services are aimed at private individuals, professionals, real estate agents, showrooms, construction companies, builders, builders, entrepreneurs and companies. We operate in the residential and commercial sector. Send us your request by email or call us and we will be happy to help you.