Interior design services in hotels

Hotels must have an interior design that contains a series of formulas that ensure maximum comfort to customers. When offering a lodging service, the materials and products offered must be of quality and guarantee efficiency to make the guest feel at home.

Although it is considered important to have a unique and elegant design, the reality is that it is essential for it to be functional. The main objective is that it should be spacious, comfortable, quiet and have practical equipment that can be useful for the guests and at the same time easy to maintain for the hotel staff.

Diseño oficinas rústicas

Why trust the interior design studio Ferruz Studio?

When you have to put your hotel in someone else’s hands, there is nothing better than doing it with a partner you can trust. At Ferruz Studio, we have been in the sector for years and we have a large team of professionals who will respond to any of the needs you may have

We offer you a comprehensive service so that you don’t have to worry about anything, accompanying you from the first moment and giving you complete advice. We will work side by side with you and we will involve you in the whole process, from the proposal to the hiring of the relevant professions in each sector.

How do we work at Ferruz Studio?

We are experts in interior design and retail or commercial interior design, to take your business to the next level. Our multidisciplinary team, made up of avant-garde and creative professionals, can help you in any phase of your hotel interior design project:

  • Strategic definition of the design: in this first stage, we will define the aesthetic, functional and technological requirements of the project.
  • Space planning: it is time to move on to the development of a functional design, which takes into account the number of occupants, zoning and circulation flows.
  • Concept design: the inspiration behind the project, its appearance. It includes finishes, lighting and colours.
  • Detailed, fast and flexible design: refine the design and create plans, estimates and construction specifications.
Diseño oficinas rústicas

Types of interior design for hotels


This style is often used in hotels and is characterized by exposed walls, industrial materials and furnishings, large windows, neutral colors, and a modern look.


The vintage aesthetic is usually cozy and has been on the rise for years. It is characterized by floral textures and patterns, pastel colors, antique furniture and decorative cornices.


Minimalism is a very frequent option in hotel decoration due to the fact that in many occasions less is more. Light and neutral tones, simple furniture and the reduction of ornamentation are common.


The classic trend is very appropriate for hotel businesses. Warm tones with a predominance of beige, yellows and ochers under an off-white background are common, as well as marble, prints and upholstery.

At Ferruz we offer you a customized design for your hotel.

At Ferruz we stand out for offering our clients excellent designs that adapt to their needs and requirements, prioritizing aesthetics and comfort. Our main priority is to make your hotel become much more than just a place to sleep in while sightseeing or celebrating an event. Together we can find the perfect aesthetic that makes a memorable guest experience a reality and sets it apart from other hotel establishments.

Each interior design project takes into account the details, movements and needs of the clients in order to guarantee the satisfaction of the use of the spaces. Its purpose is to provide functionality but also feelings and sensations. Depending on the image we want to transmit, we will enhance some sensations or others to captivate the target audience.