Interior design in San Cugat del Vallés

Why use interior design services in San Cugat del Vallés?

Sant Cugat del Vallés is a municipality located in the region of Vallés Occidental, in Barcelona. This municipality is considered one of the best municipalities in terms of socioeconomic level in Catalonia, making it an ideal place for people looking for the home of their dreams or to have a second home as a place of disconnection, surrounded by peace and tranquility. Therefore, choosing the interior design services of Ferruz Studio in San Cugat del Vallés is a total success.

Sant Cugat del Vallés is one of the best options to live in a quiet environment and very close to Barcelona. The quality of life there is thanks to the tranquility, the services it offers and its proximity to Barcelona, have placed it in the top of the best cities to live in Catalonia.

There are several reasons why Sant Cugat del Vallés has achieved such well-being:

  • Quality of life: If you are thinking of buying a house, you are probably determined to put down roots. To live in Sant Cugat del Vallès is to bet on serenity without renouncing to services, to value the proximity to the capital and the quality of life. In addition, this municipality is the third in terms of income per capita in Barcelona.
  • Tranquility and nature: The connection with nature is another of the advantages of living in San Cugat and one of the most valued. Sant Cugat is surrounded by green areas and forests. The tranquility provided by this environment is highly sought after, especially for those who have lived in the city all their lives.
  • Communication and services: It has an excellent communication network with the city of Barcelona and quality services such as educational centers, a network of bike paths, as well as a very interesting leisure and entertainment offer.
especialistas en interiorismo y diseño de interiores
especialistas en interiorismo y diseño de interiores

Why choose Ferruz Studio?

Having our services has its advantages, and with Ferruz you will save time and money with one of our specialized interior designers who will travel to San Cugat del Vallés without any problem and has maximum knowledge of the area. 

You will also have advice from us, no matter if you know exactly what you want or if you have a vague idea, we will help you to outline your projects or give you ideas about what can best fit in your home. We are trained to make the most of your kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Finally, you will know how to make the most of the space, since we know how to optimize the space so that each area is well used without, of course, giving up a unique and personalized decoration. In this way you will achieve the spectacular result you desire.

In short, in Ferruz we have a long history in interior design services. You can check our work in San Cugat de Vallés in the projects tab of our website.

Who is our team of interior designers made up of?

Ferruz Studio’s entire staff is made up of professionals in the sector, with extensive experience in the fields of architecture, interior design, visual merchandising and communication. This allows us to respond to each and every one of our clients’ needs in the fields of interior design and retail (or commercial interior design), regardless of the stage of their project. Likewise, we will work side by side so that you can be part of the whole process.

Our interior designers and their know-how

As we have told you, Ferruz has a large team of professional interior designers specialized in retail, who have a great experience and a long trajectory that, consequently, respond to the needs of each and every one of our clients. 

In addition, if you want to rent or sell your property located in San Cugat, in Ferruz Studio we also offer a home staging service to revalue your property and enhance its image in the most attractive way possible.

Together, we will work side by side to make what you have always wanted come true. To achieve this, we will take care of developing your project following these phases:

  • Strategic definition of the design: in this first contact, we will define the aesthetic, functional and technological requirements.
  • Space planning: as the name suggests, the next stage consists of developing a design that is functional and takes into account the number of people, zoning and traffic flows.
  • Concept design: in this phase we will focus on inspiration, i.e. everything that affects the project in terms of appearance (including finishes, lighting and colors).
  • Detailed, fast and flexible design: finally, the creation of plans, estimates and construction specifications will be carried out.
especialistas en interiorismo y diseño de interiores