Interior design in restaurants

We all know that experiences have 5 senses, so when we go to a restaurant it is essential to take care, beyond taste, visual, auditory and olfactory details. For this reason, it is essential that restaurants have an interior design that puts in value the excellence of the gastronomy of the establishment.

Diseño oficinas rústicas

Why does Ferruz Studio’s restaurant interior design studio stand out?

At Ferruz Studio we are experts in offering interior design services for homes, as well as retail and commercial interiors. Our main objective is to understand from the outset what our clients’ needs are, in order to be able to respond to them. 

We advise you throughout the whole process and work closely with you so that you are always aware of the status of the project, where we are and where we want to go. 

Likewise, our multidisciplinary team is trained in the fields of architecture, interior design, visual merchandising, retail and communication, so the service we offer is comprehensive.

Phases of a restaurant interior design project

At Ferruz Studio, we know that an interior design project involves several phases that must be carried out correctly. As far as a catering business is concerned, in the first stage it is necessary to take into account the type of cuisine to be served in the establishment in order to create a harmony between the space and the dishes. It is very important to create a concept that encompasses all aspects of the business so that the customer quickly internalizes the attributes of the restaurant. 

Afterwards, the first proposals are made regarding the distribution of the spaces, prioritizing the well-being and comfort of the diners and the staff. Then we begin to assess the materials, colors and designs that best fit with the sensations and image that we want to convey to our customers. 

When designing a business such as a restaurant, it is necessary to take into account some fundamental aspects that will define the physical personality of the premises such as lighting, tableware, furniture… On the other hand, it is interesting to enhance the unique elements of the surface, as long as it is possible to carry out a functional design that promotes the operability of the workers in it.  

Diseño oficinas rústicas

Why choose our team of commercial interior designers?

Our team of interior designers specialized in retail in the restaurant sector, not only have the necessary training, but also the professional background and experience in the sector endorse them.

We can meet the needs and demands of our clients at any stage of project development. In fact, our work goes through the following phases: strategic design analysis, space planning, concept design, creation of descriptive memory and creation of technical drawings. 

We have a very versatile way of working and we always adapt to you, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Together, we will make your restaurant unique and special. 

Interior design trends for restaurants  that we are carrying out

Furniture and decorative styles from previous eras

The old styles are usually present especially in the furniture, currently they are returning to be trendy lattice furniture.

Presence of plants and botanical elements

Currently there is much interest in incorporating decorative plant elements in the interiors of restaurants. The protagonists of this year will be the vertically placed gardens and hanging plants.

Protagonism to textures

The combination of very different textures serves to mark a style and give personality to an establishment, so it is usually a very successful bet to add these textile elements in the decoration of your establishment.

Warm shades

Colors such as terracotta, golden yellow or red passion are tones that have a direct connection with hunger, because they increase the heart rate and increase excitement.

Local art

Supporting local art in your restaurant will bring a more authentic and enriching experience to your diners.


This element is closely related to industrial style and is one of the main trends for this year, since it is a very versatile material and generates a lot of contrast when combined with wood.

Pendant lamps 

Hanging lamps serve to break with the style of the premises and give it a personal and different touch. This decorative element can be adapted to a wide variety of styles such as vintage and industrial. 

Hydraulic tiles

The mosaics have a great decorative value and provide a lot of personality to the spaces so many interior designers choose to add them to the walls and floors of restaurants.