Interior design studio in S’Agaró (Costa Brava)

If you are interested in designing your home in S’Agaró and you are looking for a company to carry out the interior design project you have in mind, at Ferruz Studio we are specialists in interior design, architecture and decoration. We believe that the perfect interior design project is one that combines aesthetics and functionality, taking into account the tastes and needs of the people who are going to live in the house in question.

From our headquarters in Barcelona, at Ferruz Studio we have been working on interior design projects for over 40 years throughout Catalonia, although we have also designed projects in France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Mexico. We are a multi-disciplinary studio, carrying out both public and private projects. We carry out interior design and works in shopping centres, hotels, offices, restaurants… We also create unique and special pieces of furniture for each client, as we defend art as an essential part of interior design.

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Interior design specialists in S’Agaró

At Ferruz Studio we follow a working methodology based on actively listening to our clients, as we believe that spaces can represent the identity of the people who live in them. Our intention is to carry out an in-depth investigation that allows us to get to know our clients, to find out their tastes and preferences and to be able to adapt them to the design of their home. But it doesn’t end there, we like to accompany our clients throughout the whole process: from the development of the design and the bureaucratic procedures to the construction project, including the search for the necessary professionals to carry out the project.

On our website you can find many examples of works and designs that we have carried out, including an interior design project in S’Agaró. This is a private home with a terrace and unique furniture, with works of art that provide personality and the essence that our clients requested.

How do we work at Ferruz Studio?

At Ferruz Studio we divide each project into three stages: contact, concept and development. We start each of our projects with a preliminary contact phase, as we always work on the basis of our clients’ tastes.

Contact for the interior design project in S’Agaró

In this first phase we meet our clients, collect all possible data and make an initial analysis. At this stage we show previously completed works, in order to try to adjust our work to the client’s ideas as much as possible. We like to be receptive and listen with attention and affection, as we believe that every detail counts. At this stage, we also visit the property or establishment in question. Here we take notes and take into account aspects such as size, orientation, lighting…

Concept and presentation of the interior design project in S’Agaró

In this second stage we start to develop the project itself, creating the concept from the data we have previously collected. We define the idea that we have generated with the client and we give conceptual form to the project for the first time. This is where we decide on the sensations we want to convey and what the furniture will look like.

Development, execution and delivery of the interior design project in S’Agaró

Once all the aspects have been defined, the executive project is carried out as such, with the quality report and the final measurements. This is the step in which the client must accept the project or not, as modifications can still be made. If the client accepts it, we start the works and the project becomes tangible.

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Frequently asked questions about interior design at S’Agaró

Which types of interior design and decoration projects are due to terme a S’Agaró?

A Ferruz Studio has completed different interior design projects: female interior design for private homes, but also reforms of public and commercial spaces, such as restaurants, hotels, boutiques, offices… Also optimizing and redistributing open spaces the objective of profiting from them in a more functional way, without costing aesthetics, and women’s projects of lighting and selection of furniture, with the aim of generating unique and personal environments.

Who is the estimated terminus to complete an interior design project in S’Agaró?

Ferruz Studio is committed to working efficiently and effectively, working quickly but always complying with the highest quality standards. It is impossible to calculate how many times it takes to finish an interior design project with all the details, since it depends on the type of design that is going to be carried out and the requirements of each client. We offer an estimate of time during the first or second phase of the project, but keep in mind that it is necessary to have all the details that lead to an accurate assessment.

If you have any doubts about the interior design in S’Agaró, please contact us! Resoldrem els tus dubtes i t’atendrem amb molt de gust.