Interior design studio in Tarragona

Ferruz Studio is the service created to satisfy the different decoration and interior design needs of its users. Although it offers its own personal, refined and eclectic style, it always finds the right meeting point with the client’s wishes, to create exclusive spaces of great elegance, ideal to admire them but above all to live them.

At Ferruz Studio we want to respond to the desire to renovate the environment in which we live: the flat, the house, the office, the second home, the commercial space, etc., with a limited investment in terms of time and money. 

Are you from Tarragona or the surrounding area and need professional and qualified support to make your decoration ideas a reality? Have you just bought a home in the Tarragona area and are looking for a team of interior decorators who can provide you with all the help you need? Would you like to hire the best creatives for your commercial premises, but don’t know who to turn to? Ferruz Studio is the ideal team of interior designers in Tarragona for you.

The Ferruz Studio team is at your side to remodel, rebuild and renovate your home and your flat, but also your commercial space, your shop and your office with cutting-edge techniques and materials in the field of interior design.

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How we work at Ferruz Studio

Ferruz Studio is an up-to-date reality about everything that moves in the field of creativity in general, from art to architecture, from furniture to design, which manages to combine this information for those design studios that need detailed and up-to-date advice.

Ferruz Studio is concerned with making the client discover the stylistic tastes that already prevail in him, deciphering them and then orienting them towards a design solution that becomes the aesthetic leitmotiv of the space to be designed.

Interior design means creating the right language between things and the environment that surrounds them. It is creating an ecosystem that balances around its guest.

Our interior design studio in Tarragona is capable of completely transforming environments or simply adding that touch of personality that you want them to express.

At Ferruz Studio we accompany you step by step in the realization of your idea, managing every need and requirement, respecting deadlines and budget. Whether it is a refurbishment or a simple restyling, we follow each phase meticulously: from the design to the implementation of the project.

The fundamental phases of our work

The meeting

For us it is essential to meet the client for mutual understanding, and therefore first of all to understand whether our way of working and our companies can meet the required needs.

The idea

This phase of the project is very important: the client’s requests and our experience in the field give life to a project idea always characterized by a balanced fusion of functionality and aesthetics.

The project

We arrive at the project, defined under the dimensional profile, of the furniture finishes and under the economic one; therefore, the client will have a general image of the design.

The execution

With the help of all the technical drawings prepared, the contractors will not encounter any difficulties in carrying out the work.

Diseño oficinas rústicas

Residential, commercial and much more

Residential interior design

We support you from the initial phase of the process, analyzing your needs and drawing up the project and the procedure to follow in order to achieve the desired result.

We create the interior design project that adapts to your needs, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, always respecting your requests and the established budget.

  • New buildings
  • Renovations
  • Restyling

Commercial interior design

The studio has always paid attention to the strategic and communicative aspects of marketing, seeking the most satisfactory overall result in each project. The aim is to interpret the needs of the brand-customer, transforming them into successful and profit-generating creations.

  • Retail & Showroom
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Office & Workspace
  • Hotel & Wellness
  • Exhibition

Why choose Ferruz Studio

Ferruz Studio creates an exclusive style capable of making every home, office or commercial space unique. The style of Ferruz Studio is kaleidoscopic, each facet manages to become a corner of your property, a dress that is sewn as you listen to it.

The search for harmony between materials, colours and details creates timeless places that do not follow fashions, but reflect the soul of the hosts.

If you are looking for an interior design studio in Tarragona, do not hesitate to contact our team at Ferruz Studio.