Living room interior design

Living rooms or dining rooms are one of the most essential parts of a home, as they are usually the place where we spend most of our time. At Ferruz Studio we want to help you make your living room meet all your expectations, not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of beauty and harmony. Discover all that our interior design studio in Barcelona can offer you.

Interior design for living rooms

At Ferruz Studio we have a large multidisciplinary team of professionals, specialists in interior design, architecture, visual merchandising and communication, among other services, that will lead your project to success. We will take care to understand your needs from the very first moment in order to satisfy them through optimal solutions. 

In fact, our philosophy is based on working side by side with our clients, in order to involve them in the whole process, as we understand that this is the best way of working to achieve results. We leave nothing to chance, everything is meticulously calculated and based on our fundamental pillars:

  • People
  • Experience
  • Trust
  • Research
  • Quality
  • Complete universe

We are also characterized by the wide range of services we provide to our clients, including home staging. This is an increasingly popular marketing technique, which consists of raising the perceived value of a home.


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Customized interior design and decoration projects for living rooms

In our interior design studio, we can carry out both new architectural works and refurbishments, substantially transforming any space, including living rooms. The best thing is that we have both national and international coverage, so we can take care of the interior design and decoration wherever you live.

In fact, you can consult some of the projects we have carried out in places such as Barcelona, Madrid, Andorra or the Costa Brava.

Benefits of interior room design

When we hire a salon interior design service, the benefits go far beyond a visual change. In fact, we find multiple advantages, such as the following:

  • Sustainable spaces: when we have a good interior design, there is no need to spend on repairs or remodeling.
  • Secure sale: by contracting an interior design service, we ensure that in the event of wanting to sell the property, the process is much smoother, as it is revalued.
  • Ease of remodeling: by having a room with a good interior design, remodeling will not have an excessive cost. 
  • Modern and safe spaces: the new items used, as well as the technologies used, promote the safety and comfort of the homes.
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How do we work in Ferruz Studio?

We want to turn your house into your home, and our pillar is always to look for the best quality and to turn any space, such as a living room, into something unique and personal. All this is possible thanks to our expert team, which stands out for its creativity and avant-garde.